Friday, February 4, 2011

Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device With 3G

Amazon released an electronic book reader newest version, Kindle DX. This time it was released Kindle DX is the international version, because it can be used in 100 countries. Version of this tool first launched in 2007 and immediately was greeted with enthusiasm. At that time, only took 5 and a half hours, the Kindle sold out.

Kindle latest DX version weighs less than 19 ounces, and is available 3G/HSDPA/GPRS, with USB.20 and 4 GB of internal storage. Not bad right?

This is the specification Kindle Beriku DX international versions:

* Display a broader, laya 9.7 inch diagonal size with color display similar to hardcopy books
* Thin, approximately only one-third inches thick
* Ebook can be received within 60 seconds, without connecting with PC
* Equipped with 3G features, can donwload the book at any time in around 100 countries
* It can accommodate more than 3500 books, and other documents
* The battery can last about 1 week to once a refilled (Kindle version previously only 4 days)
* Built-in pdf reader
* The screen can rotate automatically
* Able to speak out-because it comes with text-to-speech feature
* Can be special prices for the books the New York Times Best Sellers

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